Welcome to the Little Plane website!

This site is about the game Little Plane, a simple game made by "Eric Draven" with the Game Maker. From here you can see screenshots and download the game.
Little Plane is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as it is not modified.

The latest Little Plane version is v1.1b:

What people are saying about Little Plane:
(Feedback received at the Game Maker forum)

"Awsome Game cangrats!
im so addicted.
good job with the saving and all too, i really like the scoring system"

"This isn't just good for a first game, it's good full-stop. Simple, good-looking and addictive - this is the kind of no-nonsense arcade game that GM excels at. Well programmed, with lovely graphics and good level design. Well done, keep it up!"
alf fly

"This game is just awesome! Totally addictive!"

"I think there's nothing to say what's wrong with your game. Really a good, simple game. Go writing more games! I think they are also good!"

"Dude, I loved this game.
I usually like to critique first-time games but jeeze, I have nothing on this one.

"Nice simple game...exactly the type I like to play when I aint in the mood for something involving or I aint got time for a big game. Nice work...!"